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Thanks all~ Hiatus~

Hello everyone, who responded to my latest update a while back. Thank you SO MUCH. You dont understand how happy I was to read that feedback, I have been more inspired to draw more Ai Buzz than ever, and finally get Amai in there! I love you all so much~

BUT. As of late, a manga magazine is having a contest for young mangakas to sumbit their mangas for a chance to get published in it. I am entering, and as much as I'd love to submit Ai Buzz, you cant submit something if its already online. ;__; -sobs-

So I've been drawing an entirely new manga out from my ass, and drawing it on speed, because the deadline is the 23rd. So I promise! On the 24th, I will update Ai buzz! BECAUSE ILU SO MUCH NOW STFU AND WAIT. lol <33

Thanks again. <3333333 See ya!

posted by Kamahi @ January 11th, 2009, 9:09 pm   0 Comments